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, a report conducted by the pakistani government says the government with gross incompetence in tracking osama bin laden. al jazeera said the country stopped trying to find him as early as 2005 and bin laden was lef living within the borders for nine years. it also explains how he escaped from tora bora and pakistan and how he was worried about overhead surveillance and he wore a cowboy hat while he was outside. it shows a car he was riding in was stopped by speeding for pakistani police not long after 9/11. the report says an al qaeda operative, quote, quickly settled the matter with the officer. i guess you can use your imagination how that went. and they went on their way. >>> we want to update you on egypt where the muslim brotherhood calling for a national uprising accusing the military of stealing last year's revolution by force. the call for action came just hours after yesterday's early morning attack on protesters near a military compound in cairo. egyptian health officials say at least 51 people died and more than 400 were injured in that attack. military officials say they wer
the federal government. they failed to pass one-year extension of rate cuts for student loans. now on july 1st stafford student loans race doubled. to 6.8%. congress has a month to reach a deal before students return to school. >>> all right, it was a chilly day in federal court for survivors of the boston bombing. as tsarnaev pleaded not guilty. police officers from m.i.t. lined the street across from the courthouse in a support of murdered officer sean collier. inside the loan survivor iing suspect answered not guilty. looking at his relatives often and even smiling. now, this trial could last three to four months as the prosecution plans to call 100 witnesses. >>> another day in court after hearing from 18 witnesses in the defense then rested its case in the murder trial of george zimmerman this all going down yesterday. however, the big question was whether or not the self-described neighborhood watch volunteer would actually take the stand. >> whether or not you want to testify in this case. >> yes, your honor. >> after those discussions have you made a decision? >> yes, your honor. >> an
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)